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Fire Drill Exercise 2018

Fire Drill exercise has been seen as important for a business with LPG. This is due to the fact that, LPG is highly flammable and explosive. As usual in every August of the year, Rompin Enterprise conducted Fire Drill Exercise to raise awareness and educate the employees on how to deal with the circumstances and ways to mitigate them,

The exercise was conducted with the help of BOMBA Bahau to instruct us:

First and foremost, BOMBA bahau began with a simple briefing.

Short Briefing by head of Bomba

Afterwards, the bomba introduced us with the types of Fire Extinguisher which consists of different type such as powder, chemical, carbon dioxide, foam as well as the most traditional water type.

Types of Fire Extinguisher

For experiences in many ways. ABC powder type has been able to put off all-kind of fire in a short period of time.

Next up, we are told the most effective way to use a Fire Extinguisher.

PASS Technique

The PASS Technique is a set of process of using a Fire Extinguisher when dealing with fire.

1. Firstly, Pull Up the Safety Pin. Remember to Grasp the handle and nozzle neatly.

2. Secondly, Point the Nozzle to the source of fire.

3. Thirdly, Squeeze the handle in order to release the substance from the extinguisher.

4. Last but not least, Oscillate / Sweep the nozzle side to side to spread out the substance more evenly.

After the briefing has ended. All of the employees are invited to perform a live demonstration on how to use the fire extinguisher to put off the fire.

Setting up the fire environment

As from the picture above, all of the actions are being supervised by BOMBA and have taken extra measures to conduct the exercise safely.

Executive Director of RESB live demo to put off the fire

Afterwards, the BOMBA team began to inspect the fire hose to ensure the hose is in good conditions.

Firefighters inspecting the hose

Last but not least, this pretty much sums up on the annual Fire Drill Exercise that are organized by Rompin Enterprise Sdn Bhd. As RESB always wanted to provide the maximum safety measures by taking HSE (Health and Safe Environment) seriously.